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WHMIS 2015 (GHS) – WHMIS Training Course

Awareness of the danger of exposure of Canadian workers to hazardous materials introduced the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS). In recent years, the inclusion of the Globally Harmonized System has expanded it into a more comprehensive program known as WHMIS 2015 (GHS). The internationally recognized classification of chemicals and hazard information establishes the most current standard for Canadians and replaces earlier symbols. At CDN Safety Training, we comply with the guidelines of a countrywide system that affects all employers and workers. Our course explains the procedures for storing and using hazardous products in the workplace.

Understanding the Need for WHMIS Training

The importance of communicating the new standard to employees created the need for our course in WHMIS 2015. We help employers meet the burden of a legal requirement to inform everyone whose activities allow exposure to hazardous materials. With a comprehensive application of the standard, everyone at a workplace must receive training.

If your business location employs doctors, nurses, servers at restaurants, office staff, or janitors, you need to provide training for them. Additionally, part-time workers, students, skilled and unskilled health care personnel, electricians, and plumbers require it as well. In short, everyone in your employ needs our course.

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Accepting Responsibility for Providing Access to MHMIS Education

As an employer, you have discretion over the presentation of the required information to your employees. The responsibility to provide it rests with you to make sure that your staff becomes fully apprised of the characteristics of hazardous material. The presence of any product at your location that displays warnings in pictures or labels makes you responsible for providing MHMIS 2015 training. 

However, some consumer products that may display warning symbols and labels other than MHMIS 2015 may obligate you to provide training. When household cleaners or personal products enter the workplace, they become subject to legal requirements. At CDN Safety Training, our course materials fully define the differences and the characteristics of each product to ensure understanding. Some consumer products may not carry the WHMIS symbols and may have an exemption from designation as hazardous. However, when they come into the workplace, the potential exposure of danger makes the training for employees who handle them essential.

Complying with Time Requirements for WHMIS Training

The essential information that our course provides prepares your workers to observe safe practices on the job. In an hour of intensive training, we present data on 12 topics that prepare your workers to follow best practices on exposure to hazardous materials. However, we find that they retain the knowledge most effectively for about a year. The guidelines in the WHMIS program require you to conduct a review of its effectiveness at least annually. When you observe changes in work conditions that affect worker safety, you may want to review your workplace more often. If you receive new information on hazardous materials, it may indicate the need for a prompt review.

Our course materials address the critical issues that concern workplace safety with directness and clarity. We make sure that each class participant understands a product’s potential hazards and the protections that work effectively. Most especially, we train how to handle emergencies when situations can get out of hand quickly. We encourage our class participants to explore links to further information that we provide. 

Our programs prepare your employees with in-depth knowledge of hazardous materials and their consequences in the workplace. However, you get a chance to observe the performance of employees on the job. The critical importance of employee safety requires vigilance in noticing a lack of knowledge or understanding. Employees need retraining if you observe an insufficiency in following safe practices.

Registering for a CDN Safety Training Class

Registration and access to an internet-connected device provide each employee the tools necessary to participate in our WHMIS 2015 (GHS) training class. A smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer can provide the connectivity that lets class participants access course contents. 

To start the enrollment and registration process, go to the CDN Safety Courses website. Then follow the steps to register for our course.

  1. Click HERE.
  2. Click the “Add to Cart” tab.
  3. Enter the name of each worker you want to enroll in a class.
  4. Enter the password that we provide for your company.

Creating an Account

The information that we request for each class participant allows them to access our professional staff for questions as on-the-job experiences inform workers. Our request for your company name may require you to fill it in, or it may appear from our auto-suggest list. You may choose English or French as the preferred language for your workers, and we offer German and Spanish as well. Our attention to detail and customizing each class to meet your requirements tailors the course and makes it informative.

Online WHMIS Training : Beginning the Learning Process

After you register each worker, classes may begin. Our expert curriculum designers offer a course that welcomes each participant into an inclusive environment. We use innovative learning techniques that enable participants to maintain a high level of interest to benefit from the information.

  1. Online access allows participants to log in and out at any time. We understand that your employees have responsibilities that restrict the time that they can spend in class. 
  2. In the hour that the course requires, class participants can study the animations and our audio/visual presentations. We have designed the material to suit the preferences of adult workers to encourage learning. Class participants report that they enjoyed the learning experience and appreciate our efforts to make the subject matter entertaining and educational.
  3. Some participants find that logging on to the course many times contributes to effective learning. Each return to our site brings the participant to the most recent location in the course material. We welcome as many visits to the site as participants need, and the site retains activity for up to a year.

Completing the WHMIS Course

Course completion entitles each worker/class participant to a WHMIS certificate that we email to your company. Our evaluation for your employees shows the level of performance that each one achieved. You may find that it helps you evaluate adherence to WHMIS 2015 (GHS) guidelines as the year progresses. We consider 80 as a passing grade that deserves certification. Any employee who does not perform to expectations may need to repeat the training course. You may choose to print the certificates and present them to the course graduates, and a brief ceremony of recognition may make the proud occasion memorable.

Reviewing the Advantages of Our CDN eLearning System

Our experience as trainers confirms the efficacy of providing an efficient learning system that allows each participant to choose the pace of advancement. Our system offers access around the clock, and participants may log in from any electronic device that connects to the internet. The freedom to use available time for study encourages active participation and enhances the learning experience. Our professional course designers present concepts that intrigue and edify to deliver information in the most interesting format.

 Reviewing Course Content

 Our course designers present the material in five chapters that cover the requirements of WHMIS 2015 (GHS).

  • What is WHMIS?
  • Components of WHMIS
  • WHMIS Responsibilities
  • How Hazardous Products Enter the Body
  • Classes of Hazardous Products
  • WHMIS 2015 Hazard Groups and Classes
  • WHMIS 2015 Pictograms
  • Supplier and Workplace labels
  • Consumer Labels
  • Safety Data Sheets (SDSs)
  • Emergency Actions
  • Personal Protective Equipment

 You may find an introductory video that lets you preview the course.

We appreciate the opportunity to provide essential training for your employees who work with or have exposure to hazardous materials at the workplace. We honor a commitment to providing the finest quality of education materials that promote safe practices in the workplace.